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Chemical Warfare includes studied Levagen in its joint formula Armour Plated

chemical warfare armor plated

Chemical Warfare continues to roll out entirely new supplements this week alongside its big 2020 rebrand and its debut in the US, which is going down this weekend at the Arnold. The latest product the European company has thrust into the spotlight is the joint support formula Amour Plated that comes with four main ingredients to provide complete joint health.

Chemical Warfare’s joint category competitor is now available from its online store at at a price of £39.99 (51.08 USD) for a 30 serving bottle. You can save a bit of money on the supplement if you grab it in one of the brand’s automatically discounted stacks, including the Support Stack with Armour Plated and the recently released Bomb Proof.

The formula behind Chemical Warfare’s Armour Plated consists of 240mg of hyaluronic acid, 1.4g of the common joint ingredient glucosamine, and half a gram of boswellia. The fourth and final feature in the product is the premium and clinically studied Levagen branded palmitoylethanolamide to support joint health, inflammation response, and relaxation for better sleep.