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Core Nutritionals shares everything you need to know about its revamped Core Pro

core nutritionals completely unveils new core pro

In one and a half weeks on Monday the 6th of next month, Core Nutritionals is relaunching its protein powder Core Pro with its fresh new Platinum branding. The supplement’s look is not all that’s changing, with the brand also making some tweaks on the inside of the product, although it is still, first and foremost, a protein powder.

You can get a glimpse of Core Nutritionals’ revamped Core Pro in its 2lb tub size in the images above and below. It is releasing in six flavors, which are all said to taste amazing with traditional options like Cookies & Cream, Frosted Vanilla Cupcake, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. The other three are a bit more creative with the rich-sounding Death By Chocolate, Fruity Cereal, and Cinnamon French Toast.

core nutritionals completely unveils new core pro

The nutrition profile on the upcoming Core Pro, which is infused with DigeSEB enzymes for digestion, is relatively straightforward, with 25g of protein, 2g to 3g of fat, 1.5g to 3g of carbohydrates, 2g or less sugar, and 120 to 140 calories. Core Nutritionals has also switched the protein sources in its new Core Pro and transparently dosed them with 12.5g of that 25g of protein coming from whey concentrate, then 6.25g each from whey and milk isolate.

As mentioned, Core Nutritionals plans on relaunching Core Pro on Monday the 6th of next month in all six of its flavors, each of which will be available in 2lb and 5lb tubs. The supplement’s smaller size is going to have a regular price of $34.99, while the more than twice as large 5lber will be roughly 25% more cost-effective at $64.99.

core nutritionals completely unveils new core pro

Core Nutritionals is, of course, going to be releasing the product through its website with an introductory deal, and it is going to be worth getting in on if you want to try everything the renewed Core Pro has to offer. The brand’s lead offer will be six 2lb tubs at $33.16 each with a free shaker, and while it does give you the chance to experience all six flavors, fans are going to be able to choose the flavor of each tub.