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DNS is rebranding its unflavored whey isolate and moving it into a 750g bag

dns whey protein stoic

The popular Japanese brand DNS has announced it is updating one of its many protein powders, with its extremely straightforward, Whey Protein Stoic. The supplement is genuinely as simple as you can get, with no flavoring whatsoever and made with only whey protein isolate and the thickener guar gum, giving it a very lean nutrition profile.

The upcoming revamp of DNS Whey Protein Stoic is going to keep the formula and macros exactly the same, providing 23.3g of protein per serving with just 100mg of carbs and fat. The updated product will, however, feature a new look that’s more in line with the rest of the brand’s selection and a 25% smaller bag size weighing 750g.

You can still purchase the current version of Whey Protein Stoic through the DNS website at ¥7,020 (63.24 USD) for a 1kg bag, until stock runs out. From April 13th, the Japanese brand will be phasing in the rebranded and resized protein powder in its online store as well as retailers, which won’t be as cost-effective at ¥5,000 before tax.

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