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Ghost previews its highly anticipated and mostly finalized gaming supplement

ghost gamer

Over one year ago, Ghost confirmed it was working on two entirely new supplements for categories it wasn’t competing in just yet with Ghost Greens and Ghost Gamer. While neither product has released, we expect both to be top entries into their respective spaces, purely because that’s the case for most of the original lifestyle brand’s supplements.

This week the team at Ghost has shared a mostly finalized preview of its exciting Ghost Gamer, which adds a creative glitch effect to the brand’s logo. We still don’t know much about the formula behind the product built for gamers, only that it’ll likely be quite complete with reliable ingredients and dosages, as that’s what we’ve come to expect from Ghost.

It is worth reinforcing what we mentioned about the preview of Ghost Gamer not being completely finalized, as the brand has said there are still several changes to be made. The image essentially gives you a rough idea of what you can expect to see on shelves for Gamer’s non-collaboration flavors that have been pictured as Blue Raspberry and Peach.