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Mr. Veinz gets a new flavor two weeks after being reformulated with White Dragon

dragon pharma white dragon mr veinz

Despite only just revamping its pre-workout Mr. Veinz a couple of weeks ago, Dragon Pharma has now released another flavor option for the supplement. Previously Mr. Veinz was a low-stimulant pre-workout; however, earlier this month, the brand transformed it into a completely stimulant-free pre-workout formulated to primarily enhance pumps and focus.

When Dragon Pharma relaunched Mr. Veinz, it was made available in three flavors with Apple Juice, Strawberry Candy, and a traditional Watermelon, which have now been joined by something not so traditional. The new addition to the stimulant-free pre-workout’s menu is the mysteriously named White Dragon, with no description unfortunately of what it actually tastes like.

Fans and followers of Dragon Pharma can purchase the new White Dragon Mr. Veinz starting today through its website, where 20 full serving tubs of the pre-workout will cost you $49.99.