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Dynamik Muscle expands its King Kai Series with a special edition Gamma-Ray

king kai series gamma ray

Kai Greene’s supplement brand Dynamik Muscle has launched its third King Kai Series product, with a new version of its stimulant-free pre-workout Gamma-Ray. The other two items in the brand’s series are the King Kai edition of its pre-workout Savage Roar, and the much more straightforward amino formula simply named ‘BCAA’.

Dynamik Muscle’s new King Kai Series Gamma-Ray features original artwork from Kai Greene’s graphic novel, The Chronicles Of Kai, which makes it pop just as strongly as the others in the line. Much like the original Gamma-Ray, the King Kai version of the supplement is a stimulant-free pre-workout built specifically to enhance pumps.

The King Kai Series Gamma-Ray is available starting today, through Dynamik Muscle’s online store at $39.99. There is also a stack option which comes with full-size 30 serving tubs of the King Kai Series Savage Roar as well as the new Gamma-Ray for $59.99, discounted down from $75.