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Third new Machine Whey flavored announced in less than two weeks

fruit cereal machine whey

With so much going in with his functional brand Outright, we didn’t expect to see a whole lot from Marc Lobliner’s sports nutrition brand MTS. Much to our surprise, two new flavors were announced for the brand’s tasty protein powder Machine Whey in the past few weeks with Chocolate Chip Cookie and Chocolate Hazelnut, which is now available.

While two more flavors of Machine Whey were plenty to be excited about, Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition are apparently not done just yet. To keep the momentum going, this week, the brand has announced yet another new option for Machine Whey, with the whey-based protein powder’s first-ever cereal-themed creation in ‘Fruit Cereal’.

MTS Nutrition’s upcoming Fruit Cereal Machine Whey will pack 26g of protein per serving with 3.5g of sugar, and if it’s like most of the supplement’s other flavors, it’ll be low in fat and calories. The product is due to be available from the home of MTS, Tiger Fitness, sometime soon, in a 2lb tub size, which carries a regular price of $29.99.