G Fuel’s annual Spring BOGO gives you the chance to get its latest flavors at half price

g fuel spring buy one get one

Gamma Labs has just launched its annual buy one get one free, Spring sale on its original gaming supplement G Fuel as well as its hydration spin-off. The promotion gives you the chance to grab some of the brand’s most recent releases, of which it has dropped three in the past two months alone, including its Guava-flavored G Fuel.

Also included in Gamma Labs’ buy one get one deal is its collaboration with Doom Eternal, the spicy lemonade flavor of G Fuel called Spicy Demon’ade. As mentioned in our original announcement, there are two versions of Spicy Demon’ade, a regular and a BFG Edition with 300mg of caffeine, both of which you can pick up in the Spring sale.

If you purchase two 40 serving tubs of G Fuel through gfuel.com, you’ll get them at $18 each, and for two bottles of G Fuel Hydration, it’ll be $13 each. You can mix and match flavors, so each pair doesn’t need to be the same, and you can mix and match versions of regular and hydration, however, the cheaper of the two will be the free one.

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