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Doom Eternal G Fuel launches in a regular and 300mg caffeine options

spicy demonade g fuel

Gamma Labs’ collaboration with Bethesda Softworks and its all-new game Doom Eternal, is now available. The product is the creative Spicy Demon’ade flavor of G Fuel that is said to taste like refreshing lemonade with a spicy kick. While the flavor is quite intriguing and unique, there is actually a bit more to this launch.

The Doom Eternal inspired Spicy Demon’ade G Fuel has hit the market in two versions. There is a regular 40 serving tub of G Fuel as well as a separate BFG Edition that comes in a much larger, gold container. The BFG Edition packs the same main ingredients and 40 servings per tub, with two key features to justify the name.

In addition to coming in that significantly bigger jar, Gamma Labs’ BFG Edition G Fuel packs more than twice the caffeine and calories. Instead of the gaming supplement’s usual 140mg of caffeine, you get 300mg per serving; then, in the calorie department instead of 15, you get 40.

Both the regular and BFG Edition of the Spicy Demon’ade G Fuel are priced the same at $35.99 and are now available through There is also a limited edition Collector’s Box that comes with a tub of the regular Spicy Demon’ade G Fuel and a Doom Slayer shaker bottle for slightly more than the tubs at $39.99.

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