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Up and coming HR Labs packs out its amino No Code starting with 10g of EAAs

hr labs no code

No Code is the first-ever amino supplement from the up and coming HR Labs who already has strong competitors in other major categories such as weight loss, pre-workout, and stimulant-free pre-workout. Just like the UK brand’s other products, No Code comes with a solid combination of ingredients that will not disappoint those looking for a well-dosed amino.

On the amino side of things, HR Labs has packed out a full serving of No Code with a combined 10g of all nine EAAs for muscle recovery and repair. 7.5g of that 10g blend is made up of the branded Amino9 EAA blend, with the other 2.5g being additional leucine, giving you a hefty total of 5.35g of the all-important BCAA leucine, in every two-scoop serving.

While 10g is a solid amount of EAAs, that is not the only highlight of HR Labs No Code. Adjacent the aminos, the supplement has 1.5g of the leucine metabolite HICA for increased lean body mass, and 750mg of phosphatidic acid to enhance muscle protein synthesis. AstraGin is also in the mix to help with the absorption of everything, at a dose of 50mg.

hr labs no code

HR Labs’ entry into the amino market is actually quite advanced and very comprehensive for an amino, featuring a combination of ingredients we have not seen together in any other product. The supplement has been formulated as an intra-workout of sorts, with the UK-based brand suggesting fans and followers drink it during their workout.

The well-rounded amino product from HR Labs is now available to order from its online store and considering everything that it comes with, it’s relatively well priced. An entire tub of 28 full-servings of No Code will cost you £44.95 (56.55 USD) with two creative flavors to choose from in Caribbean Cooler and Pink Soda Pop.