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Introducing the colorful new Beatz and its whey and collagen-based protein

beatz gourmet whey collagen protein powder

Beatz is another colorful new supplement company coming from South Africa that is due to hit the market very soon with a type of protein powder we’ve only seen from a few other brands. The first item from Beatz is going to be a protein product powered by traditional whey concentrate as well as collagen, providing support for healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Each serving of Beatz ‘Gourmet Whey and Collagen’ will pack a reasonable 20g of protein, mostly coming from whey. The supplement’s other macros are going to be relatively moderate with the carbohydrates at 2g, the sugar at 1.3g, and 4g of fat with 123 calories. As mentioned, hydrolyzed collagen is also in the mix, which the brand has said is included at 2g.

beatz gourmet whey collagen protein powder

Instead of launching Gourmet Whey and Collagen in traditional tastes like Chocolate and Vanilla, when Beatz eventually becomes available, its protein will be in two much more unique options. The flavors the product will have on release are Vanilla Macaron featuring real cookie pieces, and the chocolate and coconut recipe Bounty, seemingly inspired by the Bounty candy bar.

Beatz and its Gourmet Whey and Collagen are due to be out and available in South Africa sometime soon, with the retailer WhatSupp already on board and confirmed to be getting the supplement when it arrives. You’ll be able to pick up the product in a 30 serving tub size for both of the flavors mentioned above in Vanilla Macaron and the delicious-sounding Bounty.