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Jacked Factory’s first-ever gainer keeps the protein high and carbs moderate

jacked factory authentic mass

Jacked Factory continues its string of supplement releases this week with an all-new gainer; however, unlike most competitors in the space, this one is not overloaded with calories. The Canadian brand’s new mass protein uses the same naming convention as its protein powders Authentic Whey and ISO, with the title, ‘Authentic Mass’.

Jacked Factory’s Authentic Mass is classified as a clean, or lean gainer, keeping the protein high, and the carbohydrates a lot more moderate as opposed to a triple-digit total. The product’s nutrition profile starts with 36g of protein, followed by 52g of carbohydrates, just 4g of sugar, and 4g of fat, for a calorie count of 380.

Not only has Jacked Factory gone with a lean nutrition profile for Authentic Mass, but it has also formulated the supplement with quality ingredients. It relies on whey concentrate and isolate to provide its 36g of protein, Carb10, tapioca maltodextrin, and sweet potato for the carbohydrates, with goMCT MCTs as a great source of healthy fats.

To further that ultra-clean angle for Authentic Mass, Jacked Factory has not used any added sugar and added enzymes to help with the digestion and absorption of the lean mass gainer’s nutrients.

Fans and followers of Jacked Factory can grab its latest ‘Authentic’ named protein supplement through its direct-to-consumer online store at a reasonable price of $34.99. Authentic Mass comes packaged in a bag tipping the scales at 2kg with 20 full-servings and two traditional tastes to choose from in Chocolate and Vanilla.