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Lohilo releases a carbonated vitamin and mineral drink with no sugar or caffeine

lohilo keto rehydration drink

The Sweden-based Lohilo has introduced an all-new beverage this week, separate from the other two functional drinks it has on the market with a BCAA energy drink and a collagen-infused energy drink. The creative and colorful company’s latest product is actually its first beverage that doesn’t contain any caffeine, although that isn’t its entire point of difference.

Lohilo’s new drink is primarily promoted as a keto-friendly, hydration drink made with a variety of vitamins and minerals, zero sugar, a light 82.5mg of the focus ingredient choline bitartrate, and as mentioned, no caffeine. While the brand does market the product as a keto beverage, it is not made with ketones like a lot of the other ‘keto’ named drinks out there.

Lohilo’s keto and rehydration beverage has hit the market in just the one flavor to start in a flamingo-themed Pink Lemonade, with only 17 calories per can. The product is now available through the brand’s website for the same price as either of its other drinks at 25kr (2.46 USD) each, or 499kr (49.18 USD) for a case of 24, which is slightly better value.