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Lohilo’s attention on its protein ice cream continues in a milk chocolate-filled flavor

Lohilo Milk Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo puts its always delicious protein ice cream into bite-sized pieces covered in chocolate

Lohilo Ice Cream Bites

Lohilo continues its focus on the frozen section in its 7th ice cream flavor extension in eight months

Lohilo White Chocolate Strawberry Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo fills its newest flavor of ice cream with cookie chunks and covers it in chocolate sauce

Lohilo Cookie Dough Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo does indeed put pieces of caramelized popcorn in its latest protein ice cream creation

Lohilo Popcorn Caramel Ice Cream

Lohilo sprinkles chocolate chips throughout mint ice cream for its latest frozen creation

Lohilo Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Sweet and salty caramel keeps Lohilo adding to its delicious protein ice cream

Lohilo Salted Caramel Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo fills its latest ice cream creation with brownie pieces and chocolate sauce

Lohilo Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

Lohilo puts caramel and chocolate streaks in its Everyday Slacker protein ice cream

Lohilo Everyday Slacker Protein Ice Cream

Lohilo creates its most requested taste to date in a fresh pear flavor for Beauty Lover

Lohilo Day Dream Beauty Lover

Lohilo looks to be putting popcorn in the next new flavor of its protein ice cream

Lohilo Popcorn Ice Cream

Lohilo creates a Matcha House flavor series with influencer Hanna Friberg

Lohilo Hanna Friberg Matcha House