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MAN’s long-awaited return of Lean PhD sells out in just five short minutes

man sports lean phd sold out in five minutes

Just over one hour away from yesterday’s long-awaited and highly anticipated return of MAN Sports’ fat burner Lean PhD, we posted precisely when and where the supplement would launch. Another detail we shared was that after its last new release sold out in one hour, there was the chance this product would sell out quite quickly as well.

If, unfortunately, you did not take our advice, get online, and purchase MAN Sports’ returning Lean PhD right on 1PM Eastern Time, you will have likely missed out. It turned out, the brand had yet another impressive, record-breaking launch, and managed to sell through all of the stock it had set aside for the release of Lean PhD in only five short minutes.

While the speed in which Lean PhD sold out isn’t great news for those that didn’t get in early, there is a bright side to the story. Just like MAN Sports’ newest supplement before Lean PhD, ProPF3, there is already more stock in the works and on the way, so hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long to get another shot at ordering the fat burner.