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For the fifth year running NOCCO is releasing a summer edition flavor

nocco limited summer edition for 2020

With summer slowly approaching in Europe, the beverage brand NOCCO has announced it is once again, doing a special edition flavor of its signature energy drink for the sunny season. This will be the fifth year running the brand has done this with 2016 bringing Tropical, Caribbean in 2017, Carnival Exotic in 2018, and Miami Strawberry just last year, with most of those flavors now permanent.

For now, the Sweden-based NOCCO has not named its fifth consecutive summer edition flavor; however, knowing the brand, it won’t be long before it reveals and releases the product. Whatever the flavor turns out to be, you’ll likely only be able to get it in NOCCO’s home country or others in the Nordic region, as its limited flavors don’t tend to get broad distribution right out of the gate.

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