Cost-effective unflavored vitamin C powder now available from Nutrabio

nutrabio vitamin c powder

To go with the increased demand for immune support supplements, Nutrabio has come out with a couple of new vitamin C products. The Stack3d Certified brand did already have a basic vitamin C supplement available with 1,000mg capsules, starting this week though, you can also buy vitamin C from Nutrabio in powder form.

The brand has put together two tub sizes of unflavored vitamin C powder, one with a total weight of 240g, and the other is twice as large with 480g. The products do come with a scoop that will serve you the same amount of vitamin C as the capsules at 1,000mg, so you’ll get exactly 240 servings from the 240g tub and 480 from the 48.

Both of Nutrbaio’s straightforward tubs of vitamin C are cost-effectively priced and well worth grabbing if you’re looking for bulk vitamin C. Through the brand’s online store, the smaller 240g bottle is $16.99 each, while the larger 480g gets you twice as much powder for $25.99, which works out to be just shy of 25% cheaper per serve.

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