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First of Glaxon’s three new flavors arrives with a second option for SuperGreens

glaxon orchard ice tea supergreens

Earlier this month, Glaxon announced three new flavors, each for a separate supplement. The new options are Ice Melon for Sedative, Pineberry Slush for the amino product Xeno, and Orchard Ice Tea for SuperGreens. The brand said those flavors would launch over the next few months, the first of which has landed just this week.

Glaxon’s comprehensive superfood supplement SuperGreens is now available in its new Orchard Ice Tea flavor. That option is actually the second-ever flavor for the product, as up until this week, you could only get it in Lemon Ice Tea. You can pick it up through the brand’s website for the usual SuperGreens price of $39.99 for a 30 serving tub.

With Orchard Ice Tea SuperGreens now in stock and available to order, that leaves Glaxon’s Ice Melon Sedative and Pineberry Slush Xeno to come, which are due to drop within the next month or so.

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