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Intra-workout Nuclear Gains gets its first new flavor almost one year after launch

peak performance labs green apple nuclear gains

Peak Performance Labs has expanded the menu of its hefty intra-workout Nuclear Gains this week, after launching the product just shy of one year ago in May of last year. The supplement comes packed with a full-spectrum of EAAs for a combined 6.6g per serving alongside solid dosages of creatine monohydrate, betaine, carnitine tartrate, and electrolytes.

When Nuclear Gains initially hit the market, it had just the one taste to choose from in Refreshing Lemonade. Now available starting this week is another fruity taste for the Peak Performance Labs intra-workout in Tasty Green Apple. The flavor is already in stock on the brand’s website and is currently on sale down from its usual $39 to $36.27 for a full 25 serving tub.