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Per4m announces a premium and clean, grass-fed whey isolate protein powder

per4m isolate zero protein powder

The UK brand Per4m, who we posted about for the first time last week with its new Whey Advanced Protein flavors, has announced an entirely new product that is due to be available soon. Per4m’s next supplement is another competitor for the protein powder market with a more premium, whey isolate powered formula.

Per4m does already have a blend style protein powder as well as a vegan-friendly solution, so a whey isolate product is fitting for its growing lineup. Much like the rest of the brand’s selection, its upcoming supplement is straightforwardly named with ‘Isolate Zero’, which is a very clean product made with just six ingredients.

As mentioned, Per4m’s Isolate Zero is powered by premium whey isolate, grass-fed isolate in fact, providing 26g of lean protein per serving or 27g in one flavor, with only 200mg of fat, half a gram of carbs, no sugar, and 109 calories. The supplement will be available in the UK and Europe in 900g tubs packing a total of 30 servings.

Per4m is launching Isolate Zero in a full family of flavors, five to be exact, although one of them is exclusive to a specific country. The product’s four flavors that are going to be everywhere are Salted Caramel, Chocolate Creme, White Chocolate, and Vanilla Creme, with the exclusive being Tiramisu for the brand’s Italian fans.