Canadian brick and mortar retailer Popeye’s launches an online store

Mar 28th, 2020
popeyes supplements online store

The major Canadian retailer, Popeye’s Supplements, is adapting to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and launched its first-ever online store. Up until this week, Popeye’s had been a brick and mortar only retailer, with over 140 physical stores spread across Canada and stocking a wide variety of brands and products.

Popeye’s Supplements has now taken its shopping experience and service online with the launch of a new website, separate from its original one at To access the retailer’s online store, you need to visit, where you’ll find several products, including some of the retailer’s exclusive value sizes.

The new Popeye’s Supplements online experience is currently carrying a lot of big-name brands such as Cellucor, Muscletech, Redcon1, and Optimum Nutrition. The retailer also has plenty of local Canadian companies available through the website with the likes of Mutant, Nutrabolics, Perfect Sports, PVL, and Magnum.

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