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Quamtrax follows its lower carb protein bread with protein packed buns

quamtrax premium protein bun

It was just one week ago that Quamtrax introduced its new, lower carbohydrate Premium Protein Bread, which has now been followed by another bread-type product. The Spanish brand’s newest release is not sliced bread like its last launch, but Premium Protein Buns, promising all of the same highlights but in a traditional bun format.

Quamtrax’s new Premium Protein Buns have the same percentage of protein as the Premium Protein Bread with 17%, meaning you get 17g of protein from 100g worth of buns. The rest of the product’s macros based on a 100g serve are 29.7g of carbohydrates with a very low 1.3g of that sugar, 7.6g of fat with 1.3g of that saturated, and 275 calories.

Just like the Premium Protein Bread, Quamtrax’s Premium Protein Buns have zero palm oil, made primarily with wheat flour and various seeds, and as you can see, they are indeed low in sugar. The product comes in 340g bags, which look to have two or four buns, meaning they weigh either 170g each or half that at 85g if there are four per bag.

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