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G Fuel’s collab with Resident Evil turns out to be a special edition powder and drink

resident evil nemesis tea g fuel

G Fuel recently announced a partnership with the game Resident Evil 3 and its upcoming remake due to release next month. Like most of the individuals and companies the brand teams up with, we suspected the collaboration to be a new flavor of G Fuel gaming supplement, although it’s turned out to be a lot more than that.

G Fuel has come together with Capcom, the video game developer behind Resident Evil, to create special edition versions of both the regular G Fuel powder and the high-energy G Fuel energy drink. Both products will feature a Resident Evil-themed label design and be available in the same rather intriguing flavor with ‘Nemesis Tea’.

resident evil nemesis tea g fuel energy drink

As far as we know, the Nemesis Tea G Fuel powder and beverage will come with their usual formulas, including 140mg of caffeine in the powder and 300mg in the drink. We won’t be surprised, however, if G Fuel decides to switch things up, as it did just that for its last game collaboration with the BFG Edition of the Doom Eternal G Fuel.

To add even more excitement to the reveal of the Resident Evil 3 flavor Nemesis Tea for the original G Fuel and G Fuel energy drink, the launch of the former is right around the corner. G Fuel is looking to release the powder product on the 3rd of next month, which is at the end of this week on Friday.

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