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RYSE launches its Element Series with two liquid carnitines in three flavors

ryse liquid carnitine

RYSE’s first-ever supplement in its basic Element Series has arrived with a fairly straightforward, liquid carnitine formula. There are two different versions of the product separated by their concentration of carnitine per serving. There is one with 1.5g of carnitine in each serve, then the other with twice that that amount at 3g.

The liquid carnitine supplements from RYSE only feature carnitine as far as we know, and promise the ingredient’s usual benefits in metabolism and fat loss support. They also come in a great variety of flavors with Wild Berry, Gummy Green Apple, the Fruit Stripe-inspired Zebra Fruit, and Blue Razz Lemonade, which is not available yet.

Both concentrations of RYSE’s Element Series liquid carnitine are in stock now on its website with the 1,500mg edition priced at $19.99 per 31 serving bottle, and the 3,000mg variant at $29.99.