Swedish Supplements’ creates a shaker for its gainer Massive Mass

Mar 6th, 2020
swedish supplements massive mass shaker

Mass proteins and weight gainer shakes are not easily mixed in your traditional 28oz shaker bottle, especially when the serving size gets into the realm of 200g. The Swedish Supplements’ gainer Massive Mass is one of the products that fall into that category with a huge serving size of 233g, providing a heavy 1,041 calories.

To make it easier to shake and drink Massive Mass, Swedish Supplements has come out with a shaker branded with the mass protein’s name and featuring a giant cup size. The volume of the company’s new shaker measures 1.3 liters or about 44oz, which gives you plenty of room to comfortably mix up a serving of Massive Mass.

Swedish Supplements is actually claiming its 1.3-liter bottle to be the biggest shaker in Sweden. That isn’t too surprising considering it’s just 4oz below the largest shaker on the entire market with Performa’s 48oz beast, the Activ 48.