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Battle Snacks announces a creative new flavor for its top-rated Battle Bites

white choc toasted marshmallow battle bites

Battle Bites from Battle Snacks is one of our top five protein bars in the world, combining a delicious combination of easy-to-eat consistency and candy bar like flavors. The product comes in several different options from more traditional tastes like Chocolate Caramel and Cookies & Cream, to unique creations such as Candy Cane and Mississippi Mud Pie.

This coming April, Battle Snacks is coming out with another addition to its Battle Bites menu that looks to be another creative effort in White Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow. The combination of white chocolate and marshmallow is certainly not something we’ve seen for a protein snack before, and knowing the brand, it’ll make sure it delivers in all areas.

Once again, Battle Snacks is aiming to launch its White Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Battle Bites sometime next month, with all of the UK brand’s usual stores and distributors set to carry the tasty-sounding flavor. It will feature the product’s usual nutrition profile with a combined 20g of protein from the two pieces per pack and just 3g of sugar.