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New Sweat Away from XXL Nutrition hopes to prevent excessive sweating

xxl nutrition sweat away

Over the many years we’ve been sharing news, updates, and announcements from companies all over the world, we’ve seen a lot of unique items outside of supplements. By that, we don’t mean traditional items like apparel and accessories, but more uncommon products that you wouldn’t expect to see from brands in this industry.

This week, we’ve got another one of those surprise items coming from the major European retailer XXL Nutrition, and its own line of supplements. The latest release from the team at XXL is Sweat Away, which does initially sound like some sort of thermogenic formula, but in fact, it is the opposite, with a spray to help reduce sweating.

XXL Nutrition’s Sweat Away is an antiperspirant to protect you from over-the-top perspiration. The product also claims to be able to keep unwanted smells away for as much as six days. You can grab the rather different kind of supplement company product from XXL’s website, where a 30ml bottle will cost you €12.95 (14.09 USD).

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