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Gut Health Protein Smoothie becomes available on Vega’s website as well as Amazon

vega gut health protein smoothie

To start the year, Vega introduced Gut Health Protein Smoothie, an all-new protein powder that combined 15g of plant-based protein with prebiotic fiber and probiotics for gut health. The supplement hit the market in the 30 serving tub size and also in just the one flavor option with a relatively unique Orange Ginger.

Another important detail about Vega’s Gut Health Protein Smoothie back when it launched was that initially, it could only be found at the wholesale retailer Costco. That is now no longer the case; as in the past month, the brand has made the supplement available through its own online store as well as the major online retailer Amazon.

Of the two locations now stocking Vega’s Gut Health Protein Smoothie — both of which have the same product — Amazon is the more cost-effective way to go. The brand’s website has the product at $39.99, while Amazon is a few dollars cheaper at $35.55, and there is the added benefit of free shipping for Prime members.

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