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Azoth is putting the up and coming Zynamite into supplement all on its own

azoth pure energy zynamite

Total Focus is a recently released supplement from Azoth, said to be the first product in the US using the unique new stimulant Zynamite, which we are beginning to see more and more. Zynamite is a proprietary mango leaf extract that’s promoted as a replacement for caffeine and proven to provide increased energy, mental focus, and alertness.

It turns out, Azoth’s fans liked Total Focus and its use of Zynamite so much the brand is turning the up and coming ingredient into a supplement all on its own. Azoth has announced today that within the next couple of weeks, it is releasing a standalone Zynamite product with the same dose as you get in Total Focus at a reliable 200mg per capsule.

Azoth has appropriately named its upcoming Zynamite supplement ‘Pure Energy’, which is going to have 30 single-capsule servings per bottle. We’re not sure exactly how much the product is going to cost, although considering it has the same amount of Zynamite as Total Focus without the other ingredients, we assume it’ll be less than $44.95.

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