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Black Market drops its immune support product RescueC in tubs and stick packs

black market rescue vite rescuec

Black Market’s immune support supplement RescueC has launched today, and much like its recovery brand Guerrilla, RecuseC falls under its own brand named Rescue Vite. As mentioned, the spin-off product from the original underground supplement company is formulated to provide comprehensive immune support with a variety of reliable ingredients.

We were actually able to confirm all of the ingredients Black Market has packed into Rescue Vite’s RescueC last week, and can now confirm what most of its dosages are. We’ve added the full facts panel for the product directly below, including a solid 1g of vitamin C, 20.75mcg of vitamin D3, a blend of B vitamins, and 15mg of zinc.

While a lot of the ingredients in RescueC have their dosages listed on its label, some don’t get that treatment and have been put into a non-transparent blend. That blend is the Immune Support Complex, which weighs 2.35g per serving and is made up of taurine, lysine, sodium bicarbonate, and the PeakPO2 blend for all of the health benefits from its mushrooms.

black market rescue vite rescuec

Another interesting detail for Black Market and Rescue Vite’s new RescueC are the varieties it has available. The supplement comes in powder form in the one Orange flavor, and has been produced in a tub of 30 servings, a box of 15 single-serving stick packs, or a bag of 20 single-serving stick packs with the tub being the most cost-effective option.

To purchase RescueC in any of its formats, you’ll need to head to, as Black Market has separated itself from the brand and product, and is not listing it on its website. The price on the tub of RescueC is $21.99, which ships immediately, the 15 stick pack box is $15.99 and ships at the end of the month, and the 20 stick pack bag is $19.99, but is not in stock yet.