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Bodylab looks to continue its momentum in April with high protein ice coffee

bodylab protein ice coffee

The Danish brand Bodylab who has continued to keep things exciting these past few weeks and months, is looking to maintain and even further its momentum in April. The team has given us a sneak peek at a beverage it is launching next week with Protein Ice Coffee, which is something it’s had available before, although this is a fresh new take.

As the title of the product suggests, Bodylab’s Protein Ice Coffee is an on-the-go iced coffee drink that’s high in protein, has no added sugar, and is impressively low in calories. Each can of the beverage comes with 25g of protein from milk protein, less than a gram of fat, 11g of carbohydrates with virtually all of that sugar, 148 to 153 calories, and because its a coffee drink made with real coffee, it has 75mg of caffeine.

As mentioned, Bodylab is launching its Protein Ice Coffee next week on Monday through its own online store over at If it’s like most of the brand’s protein drinks it’ll be available individually as well as in a discounted bulk amount. The Denmark-based Bodylab will have two flavors to choose from in Vanilla and Mocha Chocolate.