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Brain Gains’ promising stimulant spin-off is now available for pre-order

brain gains switch on black edition

Switch On Black Edition is a stimulant enhanced version of Brain Gains’ top-rated focus boosting supplement simply known as ‘Switch On’. The UK brand has taken every ingredient and dose from its original product, and combined it with reliable amounts of PurCaf organic caffeine, TeaCrine, and Dynamine, for an even more complete experience.

Brain Gains completely unveiled its Black Edition spin-off of Switch On about one month ago. We’re bringing the supplement back up this week because it is finally available for pre-order through the brand’s online store and with a bit of a deal. Brain Gains is now offering a 10% discount to anyone subscribed to our Stack3d Insider program.

The discount does work on the pre-order of Switch On Black Edition and takes the product from its usual £39.99 down to £35.99 (44.23 USD). An entire tub of the comprehensive energy and focus enhancing supplement comes with 20 full servings and has four flavors to choose from in Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Mango, and Strawberry Kiwi.

While all current purchases of Brain Gains’ Switch On Black Edition are pre-orders, you’re not going to be waiting long to receive the product. The UK brand plans on shipping orders of the supplement in just four days from now on Friday of this week.