Ghost teams up with Bubblicious for another authentic flavor of its pre-workout

Apr 24th, 2020
bubblicious strawberry splash ghost legend

One of the many Ghost is known for are authentic flavor collaborations with many major releases under its belt such as Chips Ahoy Ghost Whey, several Warheads flavors, and Welch’s Grape amino products. Today, the lifestyle brand continues its string of exciting collaborations announcing a partnership with the iconic bubble gum company Bubblicious.

Ghost and Bubblicious have come together to create an authentic flavor for Ghost’s pre-workout with a Bubblicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Legend. The product features the usual Ghost Legend combination of ingredients for an all-around pre-workout experience providing increased energy and focus, as well as improved pumps and performance.

The Bubblicious Strawberry Splash Ghost Legend is due to launch next Thursday through the brand’s online store, where the pre-workout carries a regular price of $44.99 for a tub of 30 servings. Fans do still have plenty to be excited about currently, with this week also bringing the release of the packed out superfood supplement Ghost Greens.