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Core Greens Review: Core delivers the best tasting potent greens out there

core greens review

Over the past couple of months, several companies have jumped into the increasingly popular superfood category, including one of the most exciting brands of the year so far in Core Nutritionals. Core Greens is the name of its superfood supplement, and like most products in its lineup, it features a well put together formula with a lot of quality ingredients and dosages.

Core Nutritionals Core Greens comes with a hefty 6g of greens per serving, plus prebiotic fiber, probiotics, and a handful of digestive enzymes. While the formula behind the supplement does look good, taste is a big factor for superfood products, as in the past, we’ve had some that are just undrinkable. Core Greens has two flavors available with Chocolate Decadence and Berry Bliss, both of which we got in for review.

core greens review

Flavor Review

In the lead up to its launch, Core Nutritionals made some big promises for Core Greens regarding the flavor, saying it would be the best tasting in the category. While we wouldn’t say the supplement is the best tasting greens formula we’ve had, it is the best tasting, most potent greens product. The one or two that we’d rank higher in taste don’t come close to Core’s 6g of greens per serving, let alone everything else it has in the mix.

An important detail about Core Nutritionals’ Core Greens being the best tasting, potent greens supplement out there is that we are not talking about its Chocolate Decadence flavor. While it is drinkable, it is a lot more challenging to enjoy. It has an initial chocolate taste to it; however, it is not strong and quickly disappears into a mild, signature greens earthy aftertaste that does not leave you thinking of chocolate.

core greens review

As for Core Nutritionals’ Berry Bliss Core Greens, it is almost a night and day difference compared to Chocolate Decadence. It hits you with an intense berry sweetness right out of the gate, and even when it fades, you’re left with hints of berry in your mouth and no disappointing aftertaste. It is definitely a product you can enjoy, which is something we can only remember saying about two other superfood supplements.


There are a lot of brands in the industry that have made bold claims similar to Core Nutritionals promising the best tasting greens, but they almost never follow through. We’re happy to confirm Core delivers on this one, with its Berry Bliss Core Greens proving to be the tastiest, most potent greens product on the market. It’s not just a supplement you won’t mind drinking every day, but one you’ll enjoy.