Core produces another packed out formula for its more complete Core Pump

Apr 17th, 2020
core pump platinum

In over two weeks on Monday the 4th of next month, Core Nutritionals is releasing its long-awaited, all-new version of the stimulant-free pre-workout Core Pump. This brand’s latest edition of the supplement is going to be quite different from the last as it is the combination of Core Pump and the performance and endurance pre-workout Core Peak X.

Basically, the upcoming Core Pump will be a more comprehensive version of the product, featuring a well-dosed collection of ingredients for more than just enhancing muscle pumps. The supplement is still going to be stimulant-free and stackable with Core Nutritionals’ stimulant pre-workout Core Fury for an intense and even more complete workout.

The full formula behind the new Core Pump has been revealed today, and you can see for yourself in detail below. Despite the fact it’s now a more well-rounded pre-workout, Core Nutritionals has not held back on the pump ingredients. To ensure you get an intense pump the product comes with 6g of pure citrulline, 2g of Hydromax glycerol, and 2.5g of premium NO3-T betaine nitrate.

core pump platinum

As mentioned, the 2020 edition of Core Pump is infused with Core Peak X, so for that, it has the performance and endurance features beta-alanine and PeakO2 at 3.2g and 2g, respectively. To top it all off, Core Nutritionals has one other ingredient in the mix with a solid 600mg of alpha-GPC to add some stimulant-free mental focus to the whole experience.

Core Nutritionals has really brought together a strong selection of ingredients for its latest version of Core Pump. It features the great dosages we’ve come to expect from the brand, combined with the goal of delivering a comprehensive pre-workout without any stimulants.

Once again, Core Nutritionals is looking to launch its 2020 edition of Core Pump on Monday the 4th of May. It’ll be available with 20 full-servings per tub, and three flavors to choose from in Tropic Thunder, Cherry Burst, and Black Lightning. As per usual, the brand will be releasing Core Pump through its website and with a couple of introductory deals.