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Fruit and veggies supplement Day2Day is up next from Primeval Labs

primeval labs day2day

Primeval Labs has announced another new supplement this week, following the unveiling of its beef and egg white-based protein powder, creatively called Steak N’ Eggs. The product the brand has unveiled today is for one of the more popular categories at the moment in superfood, with a flavored powder supplement named Day2Day.

The product is going to feature a combination of fruits and veggies, and if it’s like most others getting into the category lately, it may have a few other features such as digestive enzymes and probiotics. While superfood supplements have seen a recent rise in popularity, Primeval Labs Day2Day has actually been in the works for about half a year.

No exact launch date has been set for Primeval Labs’ first-ever superfood product, but it does promise to be here very soon. The fruits and veggies powered supplement will be available first through the brand’s online store at, and we wouldn’t be surprised if its long-awaited launch comes with some sort of introductory deal.