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Primeval unveils its third protein powder made with beef and egg white

primeval labs steak n eggs

It was just last week that Primeval Labs dropped its second-ever protein powder simply named ‘Whey’. It separates itself from the brand’s other protein Isolit, by being a more cost-effective, whey concentrate formula as opposed to whey isolate. Next month Primeval is releasing another protein powder that once again, has its own point of difference.

Steak ‘N Eggs is the next entirely new supplement from Primeval Labs, and it is exactly what it’s titled. Primeval Labs is bringing together beef isolate and egg white protein for the product, to provide a good amount of protein. We don’t have the complete nutrition profile for Steak ‘N Eggs just yet, but imagine it being quite lean with beef and egg as the sources.

As mentioned, Primeval Labs is looking to launch its whole food-based and third protein powder overall, early next month, which is only a few weeks away. Steak ‘N Eggs will be available in a traditional 2lb tub with a total of 30 servings, and it is going to have two flavors to choose from, although the brand is keeping both of those under wraps for now.