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Stronger pre-workout called Primal Roar is on the way from Dynamik Muscle

dynamik muscle primal roar

For the past year, Kai Greene’s Dynamik Muscle has been building its King Kai Series of supplements, mostly made up of new versions of previously released products. The line currently consists of King Kai spin-offs of the brand’s original pre-workouts Savage Roar and Gamma-Ray, the testosterone booster Warbringer, and the return of the protein powder Prey.

This week, Dynamik Muscle has now announced an entirely new supplement for the King Kai Series, which is for the same category as Savage Roar being a pre-workout. The upcoming product is named ‘Primal War’, and based on the few words the brand has shared; it sounds like it is going to be a stronger, more intense pre-workout compared to Savage Roar.

Dynamik Muscle’s Primal Roar is not available just yet, but it is said to be available sometime very soon, which will bring with it the full reveal of its formula and confirmation of just how different from Savage Roar it is.