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Elite Labs in Mexico adds a unique three-part flavor to its Whey Gold menu

elite labs neapolitan ice cream whey gold

Elite Labs in Mexico has introduced a rather different kind of flavor this week for its flagship protein powder Whey Gold, which is a hydrolyzed whey supplement with around 25g of protein per serve. As different as the new flavor is, it fits right in with the protein powder’s menu as it already has a few unique options on it such as Coco Paradise and the eggnog-like drink Rompope.

Whey Gold’s newest flavor is something we’ve seen before, but certainly not that often with Neapolitan Ice Cream. Elite Labs promises the classic three-part experience with Neapolitan’s traditional combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, all in the one shake. The brand’s Neapolitan Ice Cream Whey Gold will be hitting shelves in a large 6lb tub size with each serve providing 25g of protein.