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Proteinbolaget turns six and celebrates with a new flavor for its GAAM BCAA beverage

gaam nutrition apple bcaa drink

The Swedish supplement retailer Proteinbolaget, which translates to ‘Protein Company’, is turning six years old this week, and it is celebrating with a new release. The store’s brand GAAM Nutrition has introduced another flavor of its original BCAA-infused energy drink, and it’s not the celery flavor Proteinbolaget teased fans for April Fools’ Day.

The new addition to GAAM Nutrition’s energy drink menu is its first-ever apple-themed option simply named ‘Apple’. It features the product’s usual combination of BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, and a solid 180mg of caffeine for energy. Proteinbolaget does, of course, already have its apple-flavored beverage on its website in single cans and cases of 24.