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Key Lime Pie flavor announced for the no-added-sugar version of the Swebar

key lime pie swebar protein bar

The original Swedish protein bar simply named the ‘Swebar’, has been on the market for an incredibly long time, since all the way back in 1998. The product named brand has since expanded its Swebar family to a huge amount of flavors and versions, including limited-edition options, a no added sugar alternative, and a snack-size variant that weighs 35g.

Swebar has now announced another flavor for its long-running protein bar with a product inspired by a classic baked dessert, in Key Lime Pie. It promises the protein bar’s usual crunchy but soft consistency alongside a sweet and sour lime taste. The flavor is also for the no added sugar version of the Swebar, and not any others, even its signature original.

The macros on the new Key Lime Pie Swebar start with 16.5g of protein, 14.5g of carbohydrates, 8g of fat, only 1.6g of sugar with none of that added sugar, and 185 calories. The product appears to be ready to hit shelves, so those of you in Sweden can probably expect to see the flavors on shelves soon.

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