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Wellness brand Luster and Lum launches a hormone support supplement

luster and lum defy

Less than one month ago, GNC’s beauty and wellness brand Luster and Lum added a new product to its lineup with its first-ever beverage. Not too surprisingly, it is a collagen-infused drink packing 10g of collagen peptides per can, alongside hyaluronic acid to help hydrate your skin with three sparkling flavors to choose from.

GNC’s Luster and Lum is back this month with another addition to its growing family, although unlike its last effort, this one is not a beverage of any kind. ‘Defy’ is the latest Luster and Lum supplement, which is something we’ve seen from a few other brands over the past few months in a hormone support formula specifically for women.

luster and lum defy

Luster and Lum’s Defy features a combination of five main ingredients to support hormonal wellness as well as skin and sexual health. Three of the supplement’s ingredients are branded and clinically studied. There is 300mg of Libifem fenugreek, 10mg of Extramel French melon fruit, and 100mg of the NutroxSun blend for healthier-looking skin.

The remaining ingredients in Defy are 150mg of evening primrose oil, and just like Luster and Lum’s collagen drink, there is also hyaluronic acid at 15mg per serving. You can grab the hormone support product through GNC’s website at $54.99 for a 30 days supply, which makes it Luster and Lum’s second most expensive supplement.