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Mint and Mocha Chocolate Built Bars come out of retirement for a limited time

mint and mocha built bar are back

Built Bar has brought back two previously discontinued flavors of its flagship protein bar, although they’re only going to be available for a short amount of time. The products actually follow on and join three other flavors of the brand’s protein snack that hit the market last week, and like the returning flavors, they are also only around for a limited time.

The pair of flavors now available for purchase for the Built Bar’s protein snack are Mocha Chocolate Creme and Mint Chocolate Creme. They each pack the product’s usual 15g of protein per bar with only 4g of sugar and a total of 110 calories. You can grab the limited-time flavors from the brand’s website at a discounted $32 for a box of 18, which works out to $1.77 each.

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