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Authentic M&M’s protein bar from Mars hitting Europe in the coming weeks

mms protein bar

The Mars candy company has several healthy, high protein snacks on the market in the UK and Europe, which have spread to other parts of the world, including Canada and Australia. We’ve seen various protein bars and powders of the original Mars bar, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, and Milky Way, and now from the candy company itself, we have protein M&M’s.

In the next couple of weeks, a protein bar version of the classic, rainbow, candy-coated chocolate treat is going to be making its way to shelves in the UK and Europe. To be clear, this will indeed be a bar similar to the other Mars brand HiProtein Bars on the market, not like MusclePharm’s Protein Candies, which is like original M&M’s, being rainbow-colored chocolate candies.

The product is going to pack 15g of protein per bar, 25% less than the likes of the Mars and Snickers HiProtein Bars, and have two classic M&M’s flavors to choose from in Chocolate and Peanut. We’re not sure about the snack’s other macros, but can’t imagine them being too bad considering how reasonable the many other authentic Mars protein bars are.

We are interested to know how M&M’s comes into play in the product, whether the bar intends to provide some kind of M&M’s-like flavor, or there are actual M&M’s in the bar itself. Either way done well, would make for a great experience, although we do hope it’s better than Mars’ other protein bar efforts, which we’ve never really felt live up to their names.

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