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Pandy hints at a new Candy Bar flavor as well as another option for its Lentil Chips

new pandy candy bar and lentil chips flavor

One of our favorite functional companies, the Sweden-based Pandy, is dropping two new products next week, both of which look to be new flavors of items that are already available. The brand has shared a teaser image for each of the releases, featuring only half of the upcoming products, although that is enough to leave us with some ideas.

The two items Pandy is planning to launch next week appear to be another flavor each for its delicious and smooth Pandy Candy Bar and more recent Lentil Chips. The flavor for the Pandy Candy Bar is colored red and has us thinking of a strawberry or raspberry creation, and for Lentil Chips, it comes in a light blue bag with dark blue and cream accents.

While we don’t have any exact guesses as to what the new flavors are going to be, we are confident in them being another option for Pandy’s Candy Bar and Lentil Chips. As mentioned, it won’t be long before we find out what both of the products are, as the brand is planning to unveil them at the beginning of next week.

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