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Parform continues down the CBD path with a new roll-on type product

parform glf frz

Since introducing its first-ever CBD product with CBD Gum, the golf sports nutrition brand Parform has really gone all out in that specific direction. We’ve seen nothing but CBD products from the brand following the launch of CBD Gum in August of last year, with tincture bottles, a topical formula, and even additional flavors and strengths of the gum.

This week Parform continues down that CBD road with a type of product we’ve seen from a couple of other companies recently, introducing Golf-FRZ. The latest product from the golf marketed brand is a tropical formula that comes with a roll-on applicator packing 300mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract per bottle alongside aloe vera, and arnica and jojoba oil.

Golf-FRZ from Parform promises fast and convenient pain relief and the potential to reduce inflammation, as well as aches and pains. The product is currently only available for pre-order through the brand’s website, and at a pretty solid price. One bottle of Golf-FRZ usually costs $34.99, but for now it’s $24.99, and if you grab three, you’ll get them for $19.99 each.