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Parform gives its CBD infused chewing gum its first fruit-based flavor

parform grape cbd chewing gum

One month ago, the golf sports nutrition brand Parform, launched another version of its THC-free, CBD chewing gum that had twice as much CBD per piece. This week the brand is back and putting more attention on its CBD gum by way of an all-new flavor for its original product packing 10mg of CBD in each piece.

Since Parform introduced its CBD gum in August of last year, fans have had the same two flavors to choose from in the traditional chewing gum tastes with Spearmint and Peppermint. You can now purchase the product in a very different kind of flavor compared to those other two with Grape, which is its first fruit-based option.

Parform’s new Grape CBD chewing gum is in stock and available for purchase starting this week from the brand’s website at $19.99 for a bag of ten pieces. It is also only available for the regular 10mg per piece gum, and not the recently released extra strength version, which still has just the one Peppermint flavor.

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