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Rainbow Haze Loco and Gorilla Juice Illa are back for another limited run

rainbow haze loco

The creative and well-marketed Myoblox has brought back two of its past limited-edition flavors this week, one for its stimulant pre-workout Loco and the other for its amino Illa. As per usual, the brand has thrown additional ingredients into both special edition spin-offs of Loco and Illa that you won’t find in the regular versions of the supplements.

The eye-catching limited flavors that have made a comeback for 2020 are the candy concoction Rainbow Haze for the pre-workout Loco, and for Illa, the returning taste is the limeade-like Gorilla Juice. As mentioned, each of the products features additional ingredients for an alternative experience such as carnitine and Creatine Magnapower in Gorilla Juice.

You can purchase either of Myoblox’s returning limited-edition flavors starting his week through its online store, with both being slightly more expensive than their regular versions. The price on a tub of 18 full-servings of Rainbow Haze Loco is $10 more than usual at $54.99, and for the Gorilla Juice Illa it’s $8 extra and for 30 servings instead of 38.

Myoblox does also have a stack available that comes with one tub of each limited edition supplement that’ll save you an additional $10 for a combined $89.99.

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