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Rocka drops several new products including a hefty greens and vegan protein

rocka nutrition fibo 2020 launch

Throughout the week, Rocka Nutrition promised it would be launching a new supplement or two today; however, it has done a lot more than just a couple. On what would be the last day of FIBO if it wasn’t postponed, the German brand has dropped three entirely new products, a returning limited edition, and a fresh new version of a protein snack.

Improved Yum Yum Bar

Starting with Rocka Nutrition’s revamped snack, it has introduced a new and improved take on its Yum Yum Protein Bar. It comes with a lot less sugar than its predecessor, 75% less in fact, resulting in a lower calorie count. The protein is still at a strong 16g per bar coming from a blend of collagen and soy protein, with no palm oil.

yum yum protein bar

Baklava Smacktastic

The next item is Rocka Nutrition’s new or returning flavor, and it is indeed a unique effort. The brand has brought back the Baklava flavor of its low-calorie, concentrated flavoring powder, Smacktastic. Baklava is a popular dessert pastry, found in a lot of different regions of the world, including Europe, with Rocka’s Baklava Smacktastic first being available in its special edition, 2019 Advent Calendar.

Loaded Oh My Greens

We now move to the entirely new supplements from Rocka Nutrition, and there are a few. First up is OMG or Oh My Greens, which we posted about earlier in the week, and as the brand promised, it is pretty packed out. Each serving of OMG has over 20g of fruits and greens, including 5g each of chlorella and spirulina, 3g of raspberry powder, and 3.5g of barley grass.

rocka nutrition oh my greens

Benefit and No Whey

Next is Rocka Nutrition’s Benefit, a balanced meal replacement featuring added vitamins, minerals, and fish oil, providing 26g of protein, 18g of carbs, 6g of fat, and 245 calories. Also, for the protein market from Rocka is No Whey, the brand’s tasty vegan-friendly protein powder packing 20g of protein from pea, pumpkin, hemp seed, and sunflower protein.

Rocka Nutrition has added its extensive lineup of new products to its website, with some of them already sold out. The few that are available for purchase include the German brand’s vegan-friendly, plant-based protein No Whey in both of its flavors. We imagine the rest will be restocked soon, but if you want to get in now and grab what’s left, head to