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Tiger Fitness throwing in free tees and full-size supplements for Easter

tiger fitness easter 2020 sale

In celebration and the spirit of Easter, over the weekend and through until midnight tomorrow, Tiger Fitness is running a freebie filled promotion on its website. The supplement retailer who is still shipping out orders as per usual online, isn’t including any additional discount, although the freebies could potentially make it worth your while.

The first freebie comes when you spend $99, with an orange on white “Nothing Works Unless You Do” tee in your choice of small to 3XL sizes, which also qualifies you for free shipping. The one other freebie in the Tiger Fitness Easter sale comes at $129, and it is slightly more interesting as you don’t know exactly what it is until your order arrives.

Tiger Fitness is throwing in one full-size supplement with purchases of $129 or more for Easter, with the catch being that it’s a randomly select product. As mentioned, you won’t know what your freebie is until your order arrives, with the only concrete details being that it’s a full-size supplement that’s available from Tiger Fitness.

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